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John, Trisha, Greg, Nick and Jim


Olympics Newsletter

February 22, 2010

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans and Family,

A belated Happy 2010…and welcome to the new decade! As some of you may already know, 2010 is not only the year of the Tiger (as well as the International Year for The Rapprochement of Cultures), it also marks an important Jaybirds milestone being the year of our tenth anniversary as a band! We’ll be celebrating this summer with gifts of tin, aluminum and diamonds for one another. Feel free to “chip” in with a stone or some fishing gear, wind chimes, fireplace accessories or tins of beans. We’re not picky…though we like to pick.

Meanwhile, some news from around the nest:

Quiet times for Jaybirds from California to BC—not much to report from John, Jim or Nick except the usual ongoing musical endeavors (that’s “endeavours” for those of you north of the border) and roasting of gourmet coffee beans. Production on Trisha’s new CD continues apace. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for purchase.

Greg reports that the new Mighty Squirrel CD, Sqworld Record, is out and available for purchase or download at CD Baby. Click above to hear some samples. The Squirrels are excited!

Despite our best efforts petitioning for a new biathlon winter Olympics event involving two-finger banjo picking and rifle shooting, we were unable to convince anyone on any of the Olympic committees of the athletic merits and challenges of said event. We were, however, invited to play background music (without shooting) for select winter Olympic events around the Vancouver area. For more info see below.

Come on out and see us if you can, and remember to drop in and pay us a virtual visit too!

Your 60's Jaybird pals,

Greg, Nick, Jim, Trisha, John

Season's Greetings!

December 21, 2009

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family,

Just wanting to wish you all the happiest of happy holidays on the very shortest day of the year, and to thank each and every one of you for your part in making 2009 so full of touring, playing, talking about rhythm and jam, and driving down that long lonesome road. Without you all…well…OK, we’d still play music. It just wouldn’t be near as much fun. So thanks for everything!

Of course, we also don’t want to miss the opportunity to remind you that it’s never too late to stuff a stocking with a favorite Jaybirds CD, or throw down some Chanukah gelt on a favorite Jaybirds book or instructional DVD for some menorah magic. Drop by to visit with us anytime and find links to our products. No jam links yet, sorry! But you probably couldn’t fit that in a stocking anyway.

Also, a little advance heads up about where you can hear us as the calendar rolls around and the days begin to lengthen.

But first, these individual news items:

John and Jim will be teaching at the first ever California Bluegrass Association Winter Bluegrass Camp, February 15th-18th 2010, at the Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA. More info about that, right here:

Jim will be playing in assorted other musical contexts including the DGBX, Roland White Band, Nell Robinson, and in his duos with Keith Little and Dix Bruce. For more information about any of that, drop by his website and be sure to check his schedule,

Read an excerpt from one of Greg’s more recent short stories (link to the full thing, too!) at this blog site from the Vermont Studio Center where he spent an incredibly quiet week in December:

Trisha is hard at work on her new CD. Almost done! Special surprises in store! But don’t worry, we’ll tell you when and where to buy your copy just as soon as it’s available.

And here’s the early update on where we’ll be in the early months of next year....

Our hats off to you, for all that you do! Drive safe on New Year’s Eve. Hope to see you all soon!

post-halloween newsletter

November 1, 2009

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family,

Happy post-Halloween and happy annual 25-hour-long Sunday. We hope you’re enjoying the fine fall weather and extra sleep-in time wherever you are.

A quick apology and follow up before we get to the news:

We’re really sorry for the confusing blank message about a show in Edmonton sent out last-minute a couple of weeks ago. That was not an attempt at an obscure form of zero-syllable haiku, it was actually just an error. Please be assured that we’ll never sell your address to anyone and won’t spam you with empty emails ever again. Here’s a real haiku to prove it:

Two fingers rolling
Must learn Upwards Tech mail-merge
Leaves fall, Jaybirds sing

And now the news:

John’s featured in a super, full-length interview on Mandolin Café this month. Cool pictures, quotes, everything you’d want from an interview. Check it out here: Mandolin Cafe. He also says he’s considering robbing a bank to buy the Jaybirds a fleet of private jets, diamond Rolex watches and basic US health care, but we’re pretty sure he’s kidding.

Jim reports that his studio is buzzing with activity including new and/or recently finished projects with Nell Robinson, 49 Special, Mountain Laurel and…(cue drum roll)…THE 5th AND HISTORIC 10th ANNIVERSARY JAYBIRDS CD!! Yes, you heard it first here. On November 19 he’ll be teaching an advanced guitar workshop in Calgary—contact him at for more information. He’ll also be doing a duet show with Steve Fisher at Mikey's Juke Joint in Calgary on Nov.22nd, and gigging with Nell Robinson, Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, Keith Little, Andrew Conklin and Dix Bruce in October, November and December. Check his website for more info:

Greg’s long-derailed full-length interview with Carol Beaugard on WFDU’s Lonesome Pine RFD will finally air on Thanksgiving morning, from 7-11 am ET. You can hear it live, or stream it from anytime for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving. Everything (and probably more) you ever wanted to know about Greg. He also has an article coming out in Strings Magazine all about why you fiddlers should use a wood shoulder rest...though he was not allowed to say what kind in the article. Yet another reason to attend a Jaybirds show soon (and bring your opera glasses).

A couple of special notes about our upcoming concerts:

The November 14 show in Mountain View, CA, will be a special engagement marking the 10th anniversary of John’s “Up In The Woods” CD. The first set will be a regular Jaybirds set; the second set will feature all or most of the songs on “Up In The Woods.” And for all you fans on Vancouver Island, don’t be surprised if Greg shows up speaking Canadian, eh, and cleverly disguised as one of central Alberta’s greatest fiddlers, Byron Myhre.

Here’s where you can catch us for the rest of 2009...

Your Jaybird pals,

Nick, Greg, John, Trisha, Jim