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John, Trisha, Greg, Nick and Jim



June 2, 2007

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans and Family:

Spring training is about wrapped up for us here at Camp Jaybird and we’re set for another busy summer season of travel and playing: John’s got a whole new playbook, Trisha’s got some hot new hightop cleats, Nick’s perfected a Ruthian two-finger bunting technique, Greg’s in the outfield heckling hotdog vendors with new bird calls and other sonic imitations, Jim’s in the bull pen warming up his picking arm…New Jersey, California, Vancouver Island, California, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, California…did we mention California?

The exciting thing for us, of course is the brand new CD, “Stellar Jays,” which we’re thrilled to be on the road promoting. If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can order one at CD Baby (, or hear a few tracks and read more about it here, at our new MySpace page:

Reviews so far are all looking pretty good. Here’s a little sampling (we’ll save Tim O’Brien’s spring training wrap up for last):

"A masterpiece…fascinating and fresh sounding…immaculate musicianship. Incorporates the best elements of bluegrass and old-time into a killer new sound." – Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio, Bluegrass Breakdown

"Aces in the writing, instrumental and vocal departments….” – Peter North, Edmonton Journal

"On the evidence of Stellar Jays, John Reischman & the Jaybirds are in their prime as contemporary bluegrass musicians capable of maintaining and extending the music's legacy." – William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide, Billboard

Other news: Greg’s got a brand new CD out with a brand new musical outfit called Mighty Squirrel (as in, “Tenbrooks said to Molly, you’re looking mighty squirrel…” etc.), an eclectic, old-time, world folk music quartet with his wife, Caridwen, David Keenan and Ivan Rosenberg. Check it out, hear some tracks and read more about it at or at

Other good news in the Camp: Jim’s thrilled to be done with a brand new solo CD project, “Gloria’s Waltz.” The recording is dedicated to his mom and features Jim singing and playing with: The Jaybirds, Rob Ickes, The David Grisman BG Experience, Due West, and other friends and family. Visit his new MySpace page or his website to read more about it, hear a few tracks, and buy a copy. If  you’re feeling extra conscientious and want all the money to go straight to the starving-Jaybird-guitar-player fund, you can send a check for $15 US to: Jim Nunally POB 248 Crockett CA 94525.

And Nick’s putting the finishing touches to a tabbed compilation of all his original Jaybirds banjo tunes. For more info, or to order a copy, drop him a note:

So, as promised: following his visit to Camp Jaybird, here’s Tim O’Brien’s wrap up (to be read aloud, fast, like an ESPN sportscast, he tells us):

“John Reischman is the player manager of Vancouver's Jaybirds and he knows his game. His mandolin, Trish Gagnon's bass, and Jim Nunally's guitar cover the infield, with Nick Hornbuckle's banjo right and center, and Greg Spatz's fiddle in left field. Trish and Jim's vocal pitches hit the strike zone fast and hard, with occasional curves and sinkers. At bat, the Jaybirds are consistent: Reischman always gets on bass, leaving Hornbuckle and Spatz to hit the long ball and run up the score. And they can steal – from Ralph Stanley, Washington Phillips, and the public domain. They remind me of the '60's Cardinals, but these are still the Jaybirds and they have their own playbook. Always a threat, the Jaybirds are a scrappy five piece that comes through in the clutch. This is Tim O’Brien reporting.”

And lastly, for all you voting IBMA members: don’t forget to consider us on new CD is eligible.
Your Excellent Jaybird Friends,
John, Jim, Nick, Greg, Trisha


April 12, 2007

Spring Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends and Family!

Well, the moment we’ve all been anxiously awaiting…the release of the new Jaybirds CD, Stellar Jays…

(cue sound of drum roll)

…is not quite here yet.

But it’s so close, really close, you can start getting ready for it now.

In fact, if you live in Canada, as of April 16 the CD will be available for purchase on-line at the Festival website (click through for easiest access).

And, if you live in the US, or anywhere for that matter, and you’re part of our fans-friends-family mailing (which you are, if you’re reading this) you can visit our brand new MySpace page ( and hear a few of the new tracks.

Keep checking back at that MySpace page, and by May 20 or sooner we’ll have a direct link from there to CD Baby where you’ll be able to order your own special pre-release early bird copy of Stellar Jays.

Or, you can wait until May 15 for the official US release.

Meanwhile, in an effort to help build the excitement even a little more: answer four of the following five trivia questions correctly and we’ll give you…well, nothing at all, but we’ll be extra nice to you at an upcoming concert of your choice:

1. During the recording of which gospel number with the word “Man” in the title on the new CD Stellar Jays (and posted on our MySpace page) did a fiddle playing Jaybird need to have his tooth pulled, and which Jaybird was that?

2. Speaking of toothaches and fiddle players, which fiddle tune did Bill Monroe write while afflicted with “the worst toothache known to man?”

3. And, speaking of teeth and eating and things like that, which Jaybird eats the most blackberry jam?

4. And speaking of things which go with jam, which Jaybird is most fond of the saying, “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse always gets the cheese?” (Think: mousetrap)

5. What are the names and email addresses of three of your friends who you’re reasonably sure would enjoy hearing the Jaybirds and receiving this semi-occasional Jaybirds newsletter?

OK, enough of that.

Here’s where we’ll be in the next little while. Please come on out and see us if you can, or tell your friends to come if you can’t make it yourself.
Your Pals,
John, Trisha, Greg, Nick and Jim

FALL 2006

Nov. 6, 2006

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans and Family,

It’s been a busy fall for the Jaybirds, with only a handful of dates left on the calendar for 2006 (info below). Work on the new recording continues apace: we’re excited about how it’s all sounding but, sadly, won’t finish in time to make Santa’s deadline for late holiday distribution. Apologies. Look for a copy in early February sometime – of course, we’ll keep you posted.

Other news: we had a great time traveling through the southeast in October, viewing the magnificent foliage, meeting new people (new to us, anyway) and playing music. Some Jaybirds (but not the Jaybird with a day job who had to fly home) particularly enjoyed traveling some of Virginia's musical trail, The Crooked Road, from Bristol, west to the Carter Family fold and on to The Cumberland Gap where you can stand in three states at once (VA, KY, and TN). And, speaking of being in a few states at once, or at least being in some kind of altered state: Greg survived his twin fiddle experience with Bobby Hicks at the Jack of the Wood in Asheville NC mostly unscathed – until later in the evening (much later) at Bobby Hicks’s house, and after imbibing several glasses of traditional Southern pickled-fruit-and-corn punch (actually, the ingredients were not disclosed), when Mr. Hicks decided to give Greg a fiddle lesson and, in particular, to show him a thing or two about the correct way of playing “Faded Love.” Nick swears Greg’s version was sounding more like “The Cross Eyed Fidder” though Greg thinks he was doing pretty OK by the end of it. Perspective is everything.

Here’s where we’ll be for the rest of 2006. Come on out and see us, if you can, or pass the word on to anyone in the vicinity.
Your pals,
John, Trisha, Greg, Jim, Nick