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John, Trisha, Greg, Nick and Jim



January 21,2008

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans, and Family:

Happy 2008! Hope your New Year is off to a great start. So far we’ve enjoyed the wind and rain in Portland OR, and the wind and desert sun in Blythe CA. Next up, some form of rain in Seattle, no doubt. Remember: if the January weather’s got you down, drop by for a visit with us in cyberspace where it’s always sunny and tropical and the drinks are served with little umbrellas and bowls of peanuts and bird seed:

A few items to draw your attention to, some new dates, and that’s it for us this time.

In the news:

John is featured in the January 2008 issue of Bluegrass Music Profiles. To learn more about that, go here:

Nick has a brand new book of banjo tablature featuring old time tunes adapted for bluegrass banjo, some from Jaybirds recordings, some from Nick’s personal library of favorites. If you’re interested, drop him a note: or

Greg’s brand new fiddle CD is out and available at CD Baby: four new tracks with Jaybird accompaniment (and special guest Rob Ickes) as well as new Mighty Squirrel tracks and duets with Caridwen Spatz. Read more about that and listen here:

Hope to see you at a show soon!

Your pals,
Jim, Nick, Trisha, John, Greg


Nov. 20, 2007

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans, and Family:

Well, here we are, down to the last newsletter of 2007. Hard to believe but sadly, yes, this will be the last electronic posting from Jaybird HQ until 2008.

A few happy end of season news items to…well, not crow about, even if crows are our cousins…squawk? Chirp?

First and most exciting (for us anyway): The new Jaybirds website is up and ready for your perusal! Please stop by, check it out, drop us a note, let us know what you think. Here’s where to go: What you’ll find there: complete calendar listing through November of 2008 (keep checking back – new dates will be added as they come in); brand new band bio’s and pictures; scrapbook pictures; song lyrics; subtle fiddle mimicry; favorite links and much more.  Special thanks to Colin Goldie for new photos, Richard Parks for new web text, Jim McNulty for new press text, and all the folks at 3 Crown Creative for their outstanding design work!

Almost as exciting: Stellar Jays, the new CD is nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards – Best Traditional Album, and Best Ensemble. For more on that go here.

Still really exciting: check out the current issue of Bluegrass Unlimited for a full-length article on the band.

But wait, there’s more: All you banjo heads, pick up a copy of Banjo Newsletter to read the exciting conclusion of the two-part article on two-finger Nick Hornbuckle.  Read more here.

And any fiddle players with too much free time on your hands, check out the scintillating conclusion of Greg’s article on selecting a good carbon fibre bow, go here.

Lastly, for all our US friends and fans – HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
Your Jaybird pals,
 Greg, Nick, Trisha, Jim, John


Sept. 28, 2007

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans, and Family:

If we were to give you the summer wrap-up that’d be like admitting summer’s really over. We’d be the last ones to contribute to a vicious rumor like that.

All the same, if we were to give you the summer wrap-up, we’d have to mention how much fun we had playing our first ever east coast bluegrass festival as a band, The Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival. Great sound, wonderful new friends, terrific venue. We’d also have to mention the spectacular scenery in the high desert of California at the Bishop Folk Festival. And the exciting news that for the first time ever in his professional life as a fiddler Greg got to play a concert within an hour’s drive of where he grew up, in up-state New York. We’d also want to mention the good folks of Worland Wyoming and their unsurpassed barbecue (John says it was the best jerked buffalo he ever tasted). Speaking of food, we’d definitely want to mention the dinners and hospitality at the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca, NV, where you can literally eat yourself into a stupor. You’ll see, once we’re seriously underway with our own version of Zagat’s – great places to eat in the western US and Canada on a bluegrass budget – The Martin gets a five banjo rating.

Other news: Nick will be on the cover of the next issue of Banjo Newsletter, which features a full-length interview of him with Dr. Banjo, Pete Wernick. Learn all of Nick’s deepest secrets, two-finger picking tricks, and heretofore undisclosed tunings. If you’re a banjo player and don’t subscribe already, here’s where to go:

Other news: The second installment of Greg’s article on carbon fiber bows should be posted any day now here: If you have absolutely nothing better to do, check it out.

Most importantly, here’s where we’ll be in the next few weeks. Come on out and see us!
Your Jaybird Pals,
John, Greg, Trisha, Nick and Jim