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John, Trisha, Greg, Nick and Jim


Stimulus Newsletter


February 10, 2009

Greetings Jaybirds Friends, Fans and Family!

Unbeknownst to either House of Congress or the President, The Jaybirds have been hard at work on their own economic stimulus package which involves…(you guessed it)…

More bluegrass music!

Seriously! Has anyone considered the palliative and ameliorative effects of good bluegrass and old-timey styled singing and picking? The soul-salving strength of a solid G-run? The stimulating sizzle of a Scruggs lick? Could we power the global grid on bluegrass music? The answer, of course: Yes we could! And with zero emissions (some restrictions may apply, especially if the fiddle players eat beans), cleansing the souls of thieving CEOs…all at one time. Call it: banjo by the billions. Mandolins by the millions. Guitars by the googolplex. Fiddles to infinity. And just think of the bailout possibilities for fretting, destitute luthiers!

To get started, The Jaybirds are plotting a mini-tour through Northern CA this weekend. We’ll see just how much we can get things stimulated. For more info, scroll down.

Meanwhile…in other news, and to stimulate the Jaybird micro-economy, here are some individual band member updates:

Market shares for Nick Hornbuckle’s instructional book on old-time fiddle tunes are trading steadily due to the recent news of an accompanying companion instructional CD featuring our own Nick playing all of the tunes slowly and stimulatingly. To order your own copy of either the book or the CD, write Nick at:

Future share offerings (still time for an entry level buy-in!) on Trisha’s brand new solo CD should see rapid growth as The Jaybirds get underway with tracking most of her songs this week in California, between shows. We’ll give you more info about how and where to buy your own copy of the finished product, when it’s available.

And Greg reports that futures on the second Mighty Squirrel CD (that’s MiSqui, on the Nasdaq) are also trading strongly with news that recording has begun and is well underway at the posh, deluxe (with flushing toilet), basement home recording studio of dobro-ist Ivan Rosenberg (super-secret location not to be disclosed at this time). For more info visit,

News that Jim Nunally has finished filming a follow-up rhythm guitar instructional DVD to the Strum DVD, called “The Art Of Rhythm Guitar: Walks and Runs,” continues to send shockwaves around the world of music futures. It should be available in March. Keep and eye out at Lots of other projects in the works as well: DGBX CD, Dix and Jim DVD, but none are finished.

And lastly, here’s where we’ll be in the next little while. Come on out and see us if you can!


Your Jaybird Pals,

Nick, Greg, John, Trisha and Jim

END Of year newsletter


 November 21, 2008

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends, Family,

Well…it looks as if it’s almost time to put a wrap on Tour Year 2008 for the Jaybirds. One last weekend of shows in British Columbia, and then two months off—rest our wings, write some songs, eat jam, drink scotch, sleep in….

But before we get to the specifics of all that—Jaybird shore-leave and favorite home-perch pastimes—here’s a little photographic recap of some recent highlights from TY 2008:

Us with Ralph Stanley, backstage at Seattle’s Moore Theatre.

John’s mandolin posing with some other guy’s mandolin on a couch back stage at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music.

John and the owner of that other mandolin.

All of us with clan McCoury, back stage in Chicago.

And here’s what we could get from various band members about their plans for the long shore-leave:

John plans to work on a book of transcriptions (maybe a two volume set) of his original instrumentals, including all the tunes from his CD “Up In The Woods,” as well as others featured on Jaybirds recordings…possibly even a few from Good Ol’ Persons and Tony Rice Unit vintage. Aside from that he’ll be pruning fruit trees, walking in the woods, writing and finding new material for the next Jaybirds recording, eating crowberries, and overseeing the new distribution of his CD “Up In The Woods” through CD Baby (where it’ll be available for digital download for the first time—keep an eye on our website for more details and for all your last minute Christmas shopping needs).

Nick says he will continue to write songs with his daughter Cleo, hopefully start learning how to use his PC to record new tunes, burn a bunch of good firewood, do a lot of teaching (anyone wanting lessons, drop him a note at, eat jam, and chill out.

Greg will be re-reading Anna Karenina and hiding out in his studio in the back yard, playing his new Jon Cooper fiddle, writing, drinking scotch (he likes Talisker best, if anyone’s asking), sleeping in, eating no jam, and bracing for Washington state’s total economic collapse and the end of the world as we know it. A new Mighty Squirrel recording might be in the works, too. He has piles of CDs and books for sale (but no Corvette). You can email him ( or lurk around his website for more details.

Jim will be watching to see if the PBS documentary he played on (“Andrew Jackson, The Atrocious Saint”) with the David Grisman Bluegrass experience gets nominated for a Grammy. Fingers crossed. He’ll also be playing some gigs locally with the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, and in assorted duos with Dix Bruce, Keith Little, and Judy Forrest. For more info, check out his schedule at  Aside from local gigs, he’ll be working on a bunch of new recordings—one with DADGAD Irish guitarist great John Doyle for the band “Three Mile Stone,” another with his old band mate and pal, Tomas Enguidanos. He’ll also be starting a duet CD with Judy Forrest and hopes to begin work on a follow-up to his “Strums” instructional DVD called “Walks and Runs.” Next up, Jams and Riffs? Oatmeal and jam?

Trisha will be tending her cats and other critters, watching the birds, sampling jam, and fixing the windshield wipers on her truck. She wishes everyone happiest of holidays and sends out big thanks to all for coming to our shows and being so supportive.

Last of all, here’s where we’ll be this weekend. Come on out and see us....

Your Jaybird Pals,

John, Nick, Greg, Jim, Trisha


September 15, 2008

Greetings Jaybirds Fans, Friends, Family,

We hate to admit it, but it appears summer is rapidly running down the clock. Here are some latest signs of the times:

Nick tells us he enjoyed his two weeks of Jaybird shore-leave splitting and stacking seven cords of wood. We’re not sure if that’s a flat seven or a major seven cord of wood, or whether he used two or three fingers doing it…but we know he’s been pretty busy.

Big Woodpile

Trisha tells us she’s done harvesting all berries on the Gagnon farm and now well underway with jam production. We’re not sure if she used two or three fingers picking blackberries, but we’re positive every one of them was kissed (by the sunshine, of course). She says to bring your sweet tooth to upcoming Jaybirds shows. It was a record harvest.

And in anticipation of the start of the school year, Greg’s working on his dual thumb Blackberry (the other kind) skills. Sadly, no sweet tooth required there.

We’re all looking forward to a very busy fall with dates everywhere from Tennessee to northern Alberta and everywhere in between. We’re especially excited to be sharing the stage with Ralph Stanley this October in Seattle. Check our website for updates (

As always, Greg and Jim appreciate visits to their websites: and

Here’s where we’ll be in the next little while. Come on out and see us, and send along this announcement to anyone you know who might enjoy a Jaybirds show.


Your Jaybird Pals,

Greg, John, Trisha, Jim, Nick